Homes for Heroes Program 25% Rebate to Buyers & Sellers

Do you or someone you may know qualify as a "hero?"  If so, there is an exclusive program available now through my real estate brokerage, Exit Preferred Realty.  With this program both buyers and sellers are eligible for a 25% rebate at the time of closing.

Who Qualifies as a Hero:

-Firefighters, police officers, public safety officers, health care professionals, military personnel, educators, educational support staff, youth workers, pastors, and more.

How it Works:

-Work with an agent through my brokerage, Exit Preferred Realty and...

-25% of the Gross Commission paid to the Homes for Heroes® Affiliate Company goes to the Hero whether he/ she buys or sells or both.

-Discounted lending fees charged by Homes for Heroes® lender affiliates.
-Title Closing Fee discounts where allowed by law.

This is a wonderful opportunity for you or anyone you may know who can take advantage of this excellent program.  For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.